A message from Liz Waugh

By | October 21, 2020

Hope you are well and finding ways to survive this strange and silent time. The proposal below is meant to act as another way to enjoy thinking about good times and find a way to be positive. Please contribute if it would please you.

We are slowly gathering material for a book on Allotments in our area. We would like to have stories and reflections that might find a place in such a book, and give us new information as wel, from you allotment holders, to add to what is possible to find through historical research. The points below are not to be taken as must be answered but as ideas to get started with maybe or ignored maybe in writing whatever you might like. Please send any contributions you care to make to Elizabeth Waugh lizwaugh@yahoo.com . We look forward to reading whatever you have to say. Thanks!

What led you to become an allotment holder? How long have you had your plot?

Was there a tradition of working an allotment in your family?

Have you changed from one allotment site to another and if so why?

How important is the soil and aspect to you? What do you like to grow? What grows well on your land?

Does the council support your needs? Are there any irritating rules?

What does being out on the allotment mean to you? Especially now during the time of epidemic?

How do you interact with your fellow allotment holders?