History not houses – Save POW Camp 116

By | June 7, 2020


If you live locally you are perhaps already aware of this story.

In short our friends from Hatfield Heath are fighting to save the local old POW Camp from demolition.  A planning application has been submitted which would see this historic site demolished to make place for 25 luxury homes. As we are a local history society you would somehow expect us to join the protest against this suggested development and you are right.

Yes, the site may currently not be in a very good state and yes this area needs housing. But the camp can be restored made into a museum for instance and become even more of an asset to the local community. As for housing, we need affordable housing, not multi room mansions.

We are a local history society our mission is to research, collect, record and preserve. Protecting our heritage should be a duty for all we think and needs to come before building luxury homes. So please visit the History not Houses facebook page, join the group and if you are a Hatfield Heath local join your local history society. Their website can be found by clicking at : Hatfield Regis Local History