Meet the Barnards

By | October 21, 2020

Hello again,

On our articles page we just posted a story about the Barnards by Douglas Coe. The name Barnard is well known around these parts. Most people will know about the Fawbert and Barnard School in Knight Street and another school of that name in Harlow. People might also have heard of Sir Edmund Broughton Barnard the local politician and one time MP. The history of the family goes however way back.

As always we would be pleased with comments and remarks and want to point out the articles are not necessarily the last word on any subject. For one thing we have been unable to contact any living descendants of the people referred to. Further editing and fine tuning might occur and new versions can replace articles that are currently posted.

Having said that we thank Douglas Coe for his continued contributions to this website and our society.

Go straight to the artcle by clicking on the following link:   Meet the barnards – douglas coe