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By | October 21, 2020


Our mission statement says that our society is there to research, collect, record and preserve. That means we should also publish the results of our research. One way we do that is through our own website.

Recently we posted two new articles on this  website, both of them written by Douglas Coe.  One of them deals with the history of Fair Green Lodge, the other one is an overview of pubs past and present in Sawbridgeworth, High Wych and Gilston.

If you want to know more, go to the relevant page on this website : Whilst you’re there you can also read and possibly download three more articles: one on the history of the Sawbridgeworth  Fair, an introductory one on the history of Sawbridgeworth – Sayesbury Manor and finally one on Asgar he Staller, the first known Lord of these lands.

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2 thoughts on “Read our articles please……………..

  1. John Wright

    Article re the Fair Green….very interesting but…
    “Fair Green as it exists today, has retained very much of its c1700 size. There has been some Victorian encroachment, but since 1838 Fair Green has changed little. The mediaeval Green was much larger though, (contrary to Sawbridgeworth Town Council information), and included ‘Horse Fair Green’, (now the houses and gardens of Fair Green House, Fair Green Place, Fair Green Lodge, the Corner House and No.3 Fair Green), and probably also the properties of 1 and 2 Fair Green. Additionally, the road which today runs across the Green from The Square to Sheering Mill Lane did not exist. This road was put through only in the early 1960s as a means of alleviating the problems caused by increasing traffic trying to drive down Church Street and Duckling Lane and past the King William IV public house. Indeed, before the road went through, the owners of Fair Green Lodge (the Coote family) would graze their trap pony on the Green outside their house.”

    The date shown of the 1960’s in the above paragraph cannot be correct – perhaps it should be 1860’s? The Coote family occupied the house in the late 1940’s early 1950’s.

    1. Theo van de Bilt

      Douglas Coe, autyhor of the original article points out that the following:
      The Coote family lived at Fair Green Lodge from 24 July 1947 until 29 September 1976. After this, Barbara Coote lived at the Corner House just off Fair green until her death in 2001. My partner was a friend of the Coote family. The dates are correct. Regarding the road going through, the metalled road we now see was put through in c1960. Prior to this the road stopped at the Square. As can be seen on old photographs, it was nonetheless still possible to drive across the Green as there was a wide unmade track crossing it. It would have been a bit slow though, and a bit bumpy on the suspension, and importantly, it was not a designated road, just a bridleway.

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