Allotments in Sawbridgeworth and High Wych


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This latest publication of the Sawbridgeworth Local History Society, is to be launched at the Sawbridgeworth Garden and Allotment Show on 4 September 2021 at the Memorial Hall. It describes in detail the events in the century and more that official allotment sites have been offered in the two villages. In collecting these histories and discussing the laws that protect them, Susi Smith and Elizabeth Waugh have discussed how those people who do not possess tracts of land have gained the right to grow crops.

The final section of the book is written by present-day allotment holders and describes their experiences and how the crops, and the act of growing, has widened from providing subsistence to impoverished labouring families to an expression of how to be in touch with the land in an increasingly suburban area: growing organic crops, making space for insects and animals (and keeping them from devouring produce!), enabling young people to see how food is provided, providing space for contemplation and community, as well as freedom to grow odd crops like materials to weave or produce soap – all are spoken of.

Suggesting ways of being in harmony with the earth, this book offers a view of green and positive activities that are timely as we seek to address destructive global issues.

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