The Great War

By | December 3, 2018


In October the SLHS published ‘High Wych, Sawbridgeworth and the Great War‘. As the title indicates the book discusses the ways in which that tragic conflict affected our communities. The book is available through a number of local outlets and of course also directly from our society. Find out how to order by clicking here

Included in our book is a spreadsheet listing the 128 soldiers from our localities who lost their lives in the defence of their country.  The book also contains a number of soldiers’ stories, both of those that perished and those that survived, details about the home front, about women at the time and about prisoners of war,

In the course of our research on ‘fallen soldiers, we came across many more soldiers’ stories than we were able to publish in the book. That is why on this website we have published a 75 page article by Douglas Coe listing 145 soldiers’ stories in more detail. If you would like to read this article, for example to find out about your own relatives,  please click here.